Fall Fundraiser

Help our school raise money by participating in our Fall Fundraiser. There are 3 easy ways to participate.

PS5 Raffle

$10 gets you 1 raffle ticket to be entered to win a PS5 Bundle package prize. 100% of the money goes to benefit Northmont School!

Boon Supply

Order Earth-friendly bags, kitchen gear, wrapping paper, and more on the Boon website and have your products shipped directly to you.

Mrs. Fields

Order cookie dough and cheesecake from the catalog sent home with your student last Friday. Make checks payable to “Northmont PTA”

Boost 10

You can win prizes with no purchase!

 Go to our Boon website and click on the rocket icon under “share.” Input 10 email addresses of friends and family. Boon will send an email to each of them with information about our fundraiser. Once you enter at least 10 email addresses, your student will be entered into a drawing to win $100 and you will be entered into the PS5 raffle, plus you’ll get a Plush Planet collectible and a Zeebeez flyer prize!

Northmont Fall Fundraiser
Win a PS5

Join Us on Facebook

Our Northmont PTA group on Facebook is for parents, staff, and friends of Northmont Elementary students to keep in touch with the happenings at the school and with PTA.
The group is managed by the PTA for all of our families, students, and staff.