Help Our Northmont Garden Grow

While most places wait until Spring to start planting their gardens, here in Southern California we look forward to Fall when the soil is warm and the air is cool!

The Northmont Elementary School Garden

If you would like to volunteer in our garden or would like to help with planning a garden box for your child’s class, please contact our PTA Garden Docent or talk to anyone on the PTA Board.

Some Ideas for our Gardens:


There really is nothing better than getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor while connecting with the cycles of the seasons

Butterfly Garden

Help support our pollinators by giving them an environment to thrive and learn just how important your garden is for the ecosystem

Pet Worms!

Vermiculture is one of the best things for your garden! This is also an opportunity to learn that certain things, which may seem like trash, don’t need to go to waste and can really be given back to support your garden and the earth!

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