HoliDAY Crafts

December 9

This year at Northmont we are celebrating the holidays with a HoliDAY Crafts  during school and a Holiday kNight for families and our entire community. Every student will get to make HoliDAY Crafts  during the school day with their classes. PTA is excited to bring some holiday magic and fun to all our Northmont students. If you would like to volunteer at the event, please email us. We appreciate the help!

Yes, I'd like to help
Basking Robbins

Virtual Paint kNight

December 1

Step-by-step instructions and supplies to create your own Jack Skellington masterpiece. Turn in your registration form by December 28!

Northmont Socks

Holiday kNight

December 14

Families, come celebrate the Holiday Season at Northmont Elementary on Wednesday, December 4, 5-7 PM, including photos with Santa!

Penny Wars are Coming


Save your change to help your grade win the Northmont Penny Wars!

Join Us on Facebook

Our Northmont PTA group on Facebook is for parents, staff, and friends of Northmont Elementary students to keep in touch with the happenings at the school and with PTA.
The group is managed by the PTA for all of our families, students, and staff.

Donate and Help Our Community

We invite you to make a difference in the education and enrichment of your child and all the children at Northmont Elementary. When parents, school staff, and the community work together it’s our children who benefit. We can’t do it without you! When you support the PTA you are directly taking part in supporting Art programs, Run for Fun, Talent Show, Peace Builder Awards, Library books, Bike Rodeo, classroom supplies, and so much more.

Ways to Help at Northmont

Be a Room Parent

Room Parents work with the PTA, the teacher, and other parents to coordinate class parties, teacher gifts, volunteers in the classroom, and more.

Helping Hands Office Volunteers

We need volunteers in our school office on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Email

Fall Carnival

We need your help to make our annual Fall Carnival happen! Talk to a PTA Board member if you’re interested in helping.

How do you want to help?

The good news is that Northmont PTA is only going to ask you to volunteer when you want to and doing what interests you! 

2022-2023 PTA Board

Anna Choi

Anna Choi


I am excited to usher in a new school year with our Northmont Family! I love how hard our PTA works to plan fun and engaging events for our students and community. We can always use more volunteers, so stop by a meeting and introduce yourself!

Mari Fernández

Mari Fernández


This is a great opportunity to volunteer and make a difference at my daughter’s school!

Eva Struck


Teri James


Darby Peters

Darby Peters


This is my second year as a Northmont parent as my son is in 1st grade for the 2022/2023 school year.  Professionally, I work full-time in contracts at Rady Children’s Hospital Genomics.  I am drawn to the close-knit Northmont community; I was a Room Parent last year and am excited about my first year serving on the PTA Board.  My goal is to schedule assemblies that are both engaging and impactful.  I highly encourage parents to sign up for a PTA Membership and volunteer for school events.  Every little bit helps to boost our children’s learning atmosphere! 

Kerri Gastineau

Kerri Gastineau

Vice President

This year I am serving at the Vice President and I’m so excited to continue bringing the Northmont community together.

Elizabeth Ratliff

Elizabeth Ratliff

Art Docent

All my life I’ve done some form of art like drawing/painting and want to bring art back into children’s lives. Also, love giving back to the elementary school I used to go to when I was a kid, makes it all more special!

Amy Haller

Amy Haller

Financial Secretary

Hi, I’m Amy Haller and I’ll be your financial secretary for this school year. I have a kindergartner and a 5th grader. I love being a part of the Northmont family. I have enjoyed volunteering throughout my 5 years here at Northmont and look forward to volunteering this year as a PTA board member!

Brittnee Martin

Brittnee Martin

6th Grade Activities

I’ve been in the Northmont community since 2012 and I’m excited to be a part of the 2022-23 PTA board and make sure our 6th graders have a great final year here at Northmont! 🙂

Shannon Santoyo

Shannon Santoyo


Getting a PTA Membership keeps you updated on all the activities, connects you with other parents, and helps the school! Having a membership is different than volunteering..but we would love to have you do both!

Karen Huish

Karen Huish

Hospitality Chair

Hi, I’m your new Hospitality Chair for this 22/23 school year. I’m excited to be a part of the PTA and looking forward to all the events happening this year!

Emily Parr

Emily Parr


I am so excited to be a new parent at Northmont and be a part of the PTA Board. Getting a PTA Membership keeps you up to date on all the activities, connects you with other parents, and helps the school.

Kari Kay

Kari Kay


My name is Kari Kay & I have a 4th grader here at Northmont. I’m a cosmetologist/color specialist & tanning technician and have been in this business for 20+ years. I also have an art major background with an emphasis in interior design. I went to Northmont (K-5th…6th grade was when Parkway turned into a middle school) & grew up here in La Mesa. My favorite thing to do is read.

Etenesh Gould

Etenesh Gould


As Historian, my main role is to help document all the wonderful things the PTA does for our school. This can include taking photographs at events, helping update our school bulletin boards and  creating a flyer to list our accomplishments.

Becky Allen

Becky Allen


I keep this website up to date, so if you notice anything missing or there’s more info you’d like–let me know!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does PTA do fundraising?

PTA pays for field trips, books for the library and classrooms, Spring Fling, Movie kNights, Holiday events, classrooms supplies, and so much more!

Why should I join PTA?

Just by joining you are helping our school! It’s only $10 and what you do as a member is your choice! We have various opportunities to volunteer & contribute throughout the year.

What can I do to help?

Whether you have a little time to give or a lot, we need your help! Just let us know when you can volunteer and what you are interested in doing to help our kids and staff at Northmont.