January 23 to January 27

Check those pockets, wallets, couches, cars, and drawers for loose change!


1, 2, 3, 4… I declare a Penny War!

Here’s how it works:

Each grade will have a jar assigned to them at the PTA table in front of the school every morning before school and most days after school. Gain points with pennies and bills. Lower the score of other grades by adding silver coins to their jars. Support your grade by adding pennies and bills to your jar and putting silver coins in the other jars. The grade with the most points wins!

Gain Points

Penny = +1 point
Dollar = +100 points
$5 = +500
$10 = +1000
$20 = +2000

Sneak Attach

Boost your grade’s points secretly! Any donations made via Venmo are considered positive points! You must indicate “Penny Wars – Grade X” in the Venmo notes.

Lower Points

Nickel = -5 points
Dime = -10 points
Quarter = -25 points
Half Dollar = -50 points

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